100 New Experiences – #68 Buy A New Car

For years, I’ve been struggling with bad credit and bad luck with cars. A repo, a couple beaters, an old convertible that rained inside when it rained outside…I’ve had a string of crappy cars.

Now, let me just say…when I made this list, I was in NO position to buy a new car…let alone a nice one.┬áThat didn’t stop a girl from dreaming though.

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100 New Experiences – #96 Go On A Hike/Nature Path

First, I’m not outdoorsy. At all. I’m not made for these kinds of things. But it can be really peaceful and relaxing to be surrounded by the beauty that nature has to offer.

There’s this preserve behind my apartment community. I’ve lived here for 8 months and still haven’t made time to go. So today I made time. And it was lovely. Continue reading