The Happiness Project – Day 3

Entry for Day 3 of The Happiness Project

3 things I’m grateful for:

  1. I am in a position where I can afford to treat myself to fun things like going to a Cowboys game (with awesome seats!).
  2. I have a reliable car that gets me from point A to point B safely.
  3. My dog got over his separation anxiety and stopped barking like a maniac when I leave the house.

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Zambia – Then And Now

It’s amazing what 13 years can do for a country like Zambia. Take a look at how a foundation helped this country through the AIDS epidemic.


White Girlfriend In Harlem Barbershop Gets Blasted By Black Hairdresser


I love What Would You Do! So inspiring to see real people standing up and doing the right thing when it matters most.


Orphan’s Christmas Wish For A Family Comes True

Davion Only has been in foster care all of his life. When he tried to locate his mom, he learned that she had been in prison. But by the time he found her, he learned that she had passed away.

He recently walked up to the front of the St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church in St. Petersburg, FL and made a public plea for a family. He said, “I’ll take anyone. Old or young. Dad or mom. Black, white, purple…I don’t care.”

The story went viral and he’s since gotten 10,000 offers. :’) The agency is referring families outside of Florida to their local agency. They’re telling people, “There’s a Davion in every city.” The agency explained that there are so many families who are calling in saying that they will be adopting in their city, they’re calling it The Davion Effect.

This kid is such an inspiration. He’s grateful for everything he has, as little as that may be. And he exhibited such bravery in standing in front of all those people and making himself vulnerable. He asked for something that every kid deserves. When’s the last time you were brave enough to bare your soul to the world?

The Davion Effect. It’s real. And it’s going to be beautiful. 

Two Young Heroes: Danny and Tommy

This is how we fight bullying…

When Danny was being bullied at school, his friend Tommy wouldn’t stand for it. What happened next will warm your heart.

via Two Young Heroes: Danny and Tommy.


Humble Holocaust Hero Surprised By Children He Saved

Not only did Sir Nicholas Winston save 669 children from Nazi death camps, he remained silent about it for years. It was only when his wife found an old scrapbook that his heroic act came to light. What happens after that is so incredibly touching.

Little Boy Stops Traffic To Save Injured Dog

This little guy is only 11 years old but he did something braver than most 32 year-olds would.

His dog escaped from his yard and ran into the street. The pup, Honey, was hit by a hit-and-run driver and was in the middle of the street when this 11 year-old hero ran out to save him.

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