100 New Experiences – #68 Buy A New Car

For years, I’ve been struggling with bad credit and bad luck with cars. A repo, a couple beaters, an old convertible that rained inside when it rained outside…I’ve had a string of crappy cars.

Now, let me just say…when I made this list, I was in NO position to buy a new car…let alone a nice one.┬áThat didn’t stop a girl from dreaming though.

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100 New Experiences – #14 Go To The Museum Of Modern Art (MoMA)

I’ve always loved art. I graduated from one of the top arts high schools and middle schools in the nation. Before you get too excited, I majored in the Communication Arts. I can fully explain why Communications is an art (see future blog post) but the point of this post is that I just love being around art, in all different forms. I’m fortunate to have the level of appreciation for the arts that I do.

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100 New Experiences – #8 Go To A White Party

Go big or go home, right?

Not only did I go to a white party…I went to Palm Springs, CA, the unofficial capital of white parties…for what can only be described as lesbian spring break. I went to a Dinah Shore White Party.

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100 New Experiences – #76 Write A Thank You Letter To Someone Famous

For this experience, I chose to write a letter to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. Of all people, why them, right?

Because they, along with Mary Lambert, gave the world Same Love. They got the attention of a lot of people and they did something incredible with it. They spoke the words that so many don’t get to speak. And they made it cool. Continue reading

100 New Experiences – #24 Join Toastmasters

I joined Toastmasters because, honestly, I need to boost my self-confidence. I figured that public speaking in a warm, friendly, and no-pressure environment could help me improve my skills and my confidence. It’s an awesome organization and the local group I joined welcomed me with open arms.

I’m preparing my first speech now. It’s called The Ice Breaker. I’m supposed to use this speech as an opportunity to introduce myself to the group. I’ve never been good at introductions and when I started thinking about why, I came up with my speech. Take a look and let me know what you think. Continue reading


100 New Experiences – #100 Spend A Day At The Beach, Reading

I woke up this morning to sunshine, clear skies, and a crisp, cool breeze – aka the perfect beach day.

I moved away from Florida for a few years and I remember fantasizing about the beach when I got homesick. When I moved back, I vowed to take advantage of all of the great things South Florida has to offer – especially the beach.

I’ve been back for 7 years now and I hardly go to the beach. But I feel like when I woke up this morning, the universe was like, “Get out of bed and lay your lazy ass on a beach.” Continue reading


100 New Experiences – #96 Go On A Hike/Nature Path

First, I’m not outdoorsy. At all. I’m not made for these kinds of things. But it can be really peaceful and relaxing to be surrounded by the beauty that nature has to offer.

There’s this preserve behind my apartment community. I’ve lived here for 8 months and still haven’t made time to go. So today I made time. And it was lovely. Continue reading