The Happiness Project – Day 10

Entry for Day 10 of The Happiness Project

3 things I’m grateful for:

  1. The awesome food I ate at two BBQs today.
  2. Spending time with two very good friends.
  3. That I’ve grown so much in the past two years.

One positive experience from today:

I really didn’t feel like doing anything when I woke up this morning. I had two parties to go to and I could barely motivate myself to go to the first one. And after that one was over, I had to dig deep to go to the next one. Staying home just felt like a cop out. So I forced myself to go. And I’m so glad I did.

I got to spend time with two very cool people who I don’t see often enough. We stayed up until 3:00 AM, after everyone else left, and just hung out and caught up.

And…I had the most interesting conversation with another couple at the party. I strive to catch myself when I start passing judgement when I should be listening. Tonight, the conversation centered around a couple who had been married for 24 years but the wife has a girlfriend who she also has a relationship with. I asked a lot of questions and I learned a lot about a different type of relationship that happened to work for these two people. Very interesting stuff. To each their own, right?

Exercise journal:

Ate like a champ at both BBQs.

Paying it forward:

I did some searching around online for organizations running some kind of letter campaign. I love the idea of flooding someone with words drenched in love. And I was fortunate enough to stumble upon You can browse the requests for love letters and choose someone to write a letter to.PicsArt_1409636569081

I chose to write to Scott. From what I read, Scott recently got laid off from his job and is currently trying to become a police officer. The reality of life is setting in and he’s starting to worry about how to make ends meet. I felt for Scott and I wanted to encourage him to stick with it and have faith that things happen the way they do for a reason. I also enclosed a $15 drugstore gift card. It’s not much but maybe every little bit will help. Good luck, Scott!!

Amount of time spent in prayer/meditation:

Fell asleep meditating. No idea how long before I passed out.

Personal reflection:

I really enjoyed spending quality time with my friends. I’m going to start making a point of initiating plans with them more often.


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