The Happiness Project – Day 6

Entry for Day 6 of The Happiness Project

3 things I’m grateful for:

  1. My early morning meeting for this week was cancelled! Yay!
  2. My company will soon start offering a $20 per month gym membership subsidy.
  3. I have a really strong network of professional contacts that just keeps growing bigger and stronger as I continue in my career.

One positive experience from today:

I’ve been thrown off for some reason this week. All day, I felt like it was Wednesday. It worked out to my advantage today though. I have this recurring project that comes up every couple of weeks. Because I’m always backed up on work, I’m always just making it by deadline. But because I thought today was Wednesday, I ended up finishing it a day early and setting myself up for a stress-free day tomorrow (hopefully).

Exercise journal:

Nothing again. 😦

Paying it forward:

I thought a lot about feeling lonely and not having many friends. Life isn’t perfect but I’m trying to work with what I have. I decided that, since I don’t have many friends, I’ll just need to spread some love anonymously.

I started searching on GoFundMe for a cause that really resonated with me. Before I knew it, I was overwhelmed with options. I was a sobbing mess by page 3. I wanted to help everybody.

But then I saw this page: Mike’s wish..see the Cowboy’s. I remember the first time I went to see a game at Cowboys stadium. There was something just magical about my experience. All those people…all so warm and friendly…united toward one common goal. You really feel like you’re among 95,000 family members (with not so much dysfunction). And, when I was there, I remember thinking about how fortunate I was. Not everybody gets to experience this.

So, not only did I donate and help Mike to see the Cowboys play in Dallas. I wrote a letter to AT&T Stadium, asking them to find him at the game and to give him a few moments on the big screen. Who knows if they’ll follow through with it. But I think it would be pretty fucking cool of them if they did. And, most importantly, it would probably make Mike’s day. Fingers crossed for him. Go Cowboys!

Amount of time spent in prayer/meditation:

30 minutes before going to sleep.

Personal reflection:

I’ve been slacking a bit on writing these out. I should work on really committing and making these things a habit. The positive is that I’m noticing that I’m now constantly looking for opportunities to pay it forward. But I need to improve my gratitude journaling. It’s all a work in progress, I guess.


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