Robin Williams Tribute Roundup

We’ve all been processing Robin Williams’ passing over the last week. What’s interesting is that it seems that there are so many people with a story about him. On whatever level, I feel like he connected with so many of us.

And we’re now taking this awful thing that connects so many of us and, through our grief, we’re sending love, in many forms, to many people, in many different places. Love that we didn’t know was needed before. If we can create something positive from this, I believe that’s the best way we could honor someone as remarkable as Robin Williams.

He was a treasure and I’m sure there will be many more of these to follow. In the meantime, here are 10 Robin Williams tributes that made me cry this week. RIP Robin Williams, you are missed.

1. This Robin Williams tribute drawing video

I believe art is an act of love. And if Robin Williams’ passing has inspired more love to be put into the world, then I believe he lived the life all of us should aspire to live.

2. This video montage tribute with some of his best on-screen moments.

I dare you to tell me none of that moved you.

3. This character that World of Warcraft will add in honor of Robin Williams

Robin Williams, An Avid Gamer, To Be Remembered In World Of Warcraft


4. This “Friend Like Me” piano tribute

More art. More love.

5. This incredible way the Broadway “Aladdin” cast honored him during a show

So. Much. Love.

6. This heartfelt tribute from Rufio

Farewell to Robin Williams

“I can’t help to feel, along with my generation… I can’t help feeling like it’s the death of my childhood. I guess we can’t stay in Neverland forever, we must all grow up.” Summed up, beautifully.

7. This thank you note from Lisa Jakubs (the daughter from Mrs. Doubtfire)

Farewell to Robin Williams: a thank you note

It’s incredible when someone passes and leaves behind so many people whose lives they touched…in ways small and large. For someone to have had that kind of an impact on the world…that’s the true definition of ‘legacy’.

8. This touching tribute and moment of silence at the San Francisco Giants game

9. This sportscaster who managed to work 22 Robin Williams references into his segment

It’s like a movement of sorts. Everybody is taking the things they’re best at…and sharing their gift with the world as a ‘thank you’, just for touching all of our lives.

10. This 1-Minute Tribute to Robin Williams – Set to the ending monologue from his movie “Jack.”

Omg. The comments. Usually the comments on YouTube are ignorant and nasty. But when I saw that, in the comments for this video, people were flooding another user with words of love and hope…my faith in humanity was restored.


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