An Open Letter to Zelda Williams

Dear Zelda,

I’m so sorry for your loss. Hopefully you’ve been able to lean on those closest to you these last few days. On behalf of the internet, and humanity, really, know that we’re all grieving with you and your family, each in our own, unique ways.

I know some level of the pain you’re feeling right now. I was 22 when my father passed away. It’s been seven years since then and I will tell you…the pain never really goes away. A girl needs her father. Eventually, you accept that the void you feel is just a part of your life from now on. Eventually, it gets easier to live with and you do your best to live your life in a way that would make him proud. And, eventually, you’ll learn that the best way to keep him alive is by constantly finding small ways to honor him.

I can’t imagine what it must be like to have to process all of this publicly. It took me four days to get out of my bed after my father died and I was an incoherent mess most of the time. I admire your strength to be able to face right into the situation and publicly and eloquently express your feelings.

I’m sorry for the way the internet mistreated you recently. It’s not fair and nobody should have to be subjected to that during a time like this. But, you should know, you did the right thing by walking away.

I read somewhere that you said you “should’ve risen above.” You did.

You rejected it. You looked it right in the face and said, “No. I choose my own well-being and I refuse to subject myself to this.” I admire you for being so strong and self-aware during a time when you deserve to just allow yourself to just lose control.

Your father touched so many of us in so many different ways. He used his celebrity in a way that made a difference in peoples lives. He did so much for others and he lived his life simply as an exceptional human being.

In return, the world is honoring him in this sort-of collective prayer that’s happening right now. His passing evoked similar feelings in all of us…and, for a little while, we’ll all remain connected to each other because of it.

When you live a life as generously as your father lived his, people pay you back in their own ways. I’m hoping we do something positive with this connection we all share right now. I’m hoping that, by the time you come back to the internet, it’ll be flooded with tons more stories like these:

Thank you for sharing your father with us. I wish that, in return, there was a way for each of us to alleviate a little bit of the pain you and your family feel right now. Until then, we’ll honor him by sharing with each other stories of love, admiration, gratitude, and, of course, laughter.


All the best,



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