100 New Experiences – #8 Go To A White Party

Go big or go home, right?

Not only did I go to a white party…I went to Palm Springs, CA, the unofficial capital of white parties…for what can only be described as lesbian spring break. I went to a Dinah Shore White Party.

Dinah Shore Weekend (or “The Dinah”) happens every year and is on almost every lesbian’s bucket list. This year, there were an estimated 13,000 lesbians who flocked to the desert for this amazing event.z2014-04-05 18.04.18

By some stroke of fate, I was offered a free party pass ($250 value) and was told that if I could work out my plane ticket and hotel, it was mine. In the spirit of crossing things off my bucket list, this was the opportunity I needed to seize to make this happen.

Club Skirts is the organization that plans events to keep all of us gay girls entertained all weekend. Comedy shows, pool parties, white and black parties, and after parties…there really is something for everybody at Dinah Shore Weekend.

The White Party is kind of the signature event of The Dinah and takes place in the Palm Springs Convention Center. Not only are you surrounded by thousands of lesbians, you get to check out a pretty cool mini-concert. This year’s White Party performer was Iggy Azalea and she rocked it. z2014-04-04 23.43.40

While I can’t really say that all that The Dinah has to offer is really my element, I can say that I’m grateful I got to go and experience it. And I couldn’t think of a more perfect way to cross this one off the list.

Check out my progress and see the full list for my 100 New Experiences Project. 


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