Orphan’s Christmas Wish For A Family Comes True

Davion Only has been in foster care all of his life. When he tried to locate his mom, he learned that she had been in prison. But by the time he found her, he learned that she had passed away.

He recently walked up to the front of the St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church in St. Petersburg, FL and made a public plea for a family. He said, “I’ll take anyone. Old or young. Dad or mom. Black, white, purple…I don’t care.”

The story went viral and he’s since gotten 10,000 offers. :’) The agency is referring families outside of Florida to their local agency. They’re telling people, “There’s a Davion in every city.” The agency explained that there are so many families who are calling in saying that they will be adopting in their city, they’re calling it The Davion Effect.

This kid is such an inspiration. He’s grateful for everything he has, as little as that may be. And he exhibited such bravery in standing in front of all those people and making himself vulnerable. He asked for something that every kid deserves. When’s the last time you were brave enough to bare your soul to the world?

The Davion Effect. It’s real. And it’s going to be beautiful. 


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