100 New Experiences

The other day, someone asked me what my New Year’s resolution was. First of all, we just wrapped up Thanksgiving, can we slow it down a little? Second, this just happens to be a hell of a time in my life to reflect on what I want to change in the New Year.

I’m currently coming out of a relationship that I felt I lost my identity in. I’m so comfortable with so many aspects of my life and I’ve forgotten what it really feels like to live.

When I reflected on what I was doing during the times in my life when I felt truly alive, I realized that I was overdue for new experiences. If I’m to feel alive again, I’d need to make a conscious effort to step out of my comfort zone, shake up my routine, and do some things that scare me.

I made my New Year’s Resolution to have 100(ish) New Experiences during the New Year. I created a list of things that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, things that I want to be able to say that I’ve done, and things I’ve already done but will be doing for the first time in this new chapter of my life.

I’ll update as I go along and keep you posted on my progress. Thanks for sharing the journey with me!

  1. Attend a wine tasting – At a vineyard or at a friend’s house…I won’t discriminate when it comes to wine.
  2. Take a ride in a helicopter – This should do something for my fear of heights. Might be a good something or a bad something. It’s 50/50.
  3. Rent a jet ski – I’d like to not be terrible at driving them.
  4. Visit my high school – Looking forward to reliving many great memories at a place that shaped the person I am today.
  5. Go bowling – I’ve been bowling before. But never by choice. Let’s see if doing it on my terms does anything for my score.
  6. Take a day cruise – Living in South Florida, we’re fortunate to have so many of these to choose from. Nothing beats food and water and sunshine all in one place.
  7. Have a baking day – I suck at baking. But I don’t try it very often. Maybe this experience will help me find my next signature potluck dish.
  8. Go to a white party – Someone told me they thought this one was something totally different than what I intended (hopefully you’re not thinking the same thing). It’s just a party where people wear white. The end.
  9. Enroll in a college course – Going back to school is long overdue for me. I’m ready.
  10. Go to SunFest – SunFest is an awesome music festival along the intracoastal in downtown West Palm Beach. Sun + music + water (+ alcohol) = love.
  11. Go to a local art museum – Because an afternoon surrounded by art sounds lovely.
  12. See a broadway show on tour – In a perfect world, I could afford to fly to NYC just for a show. In this world, I’ll find a way to economically surround myself with art.
  13. Visit the aquarium – How long has it been since you went to the aquarium!? I’m going on about 18 years…so excited for this one!
  14. Go to the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) – This has been on the to-do list for the last 7 trips to NYC. It’s time to make shit happen here.
  15. See a local play – More economic ways of surrounding myself with art!
  16. Complete a freelance job – It’s always been my dream to bring in full time income doing freelance work. I’m determined to at least try it out.
  17. Take my mom to lunch – Moms need to be treated to lunch once in a while.
  18. Go to an art festival – I feel like there’s one of these going on all the time. Miles of diverse artists, incredible talent, and lots of sunshine  (and a little alcohol). Can’t wait.
  19. Go a whole month without eating take out – This isn’t really a new experience. But it’s a necessary exercise to transition into a functioning adult.
  20. Pay off an old debt – Again, not really a new experience. But I’d like to know what it feels like to move through life with one less shackle.
  21. Swim with dolphins – I’ve done this before. But if I’m putting together this list, how could I not list it? So magical. Can’t wait to do it again.
  22. Serve food in a soup kitchen – I might not have a lot of money. But I can absolutely find a couple hours of my time to donate.
  23. Ride a bicycle for 10 miles – I used to do this every other weekend when I was younger. I’m just lazy now and a 10-mile bike ride could do me some serious good.
  24. Join Toastmasters – Improving my ability to communicate more effectively is a huge opportunity for me. I’ve heard nothing but great things about Toastmasters. It’s time to give it a whirl.
  25. Have pictures taken of myself – I need professional head shots but…I’m secretly dying to do a beaudoir shoot. We’ll see what happens…
  26. Take a trip out of the country – I really need to get a passport already.
  27. Go to the zoo – Same enthusiasm I have for the aquarium! Something about being around living creatures that don’t have the same worries about life that we all do.
  28. Have lunch with an old teacher – I give credit to a handful of teachers who have helped me become the person I am today. It’d be great to give back and show appreciation 10+ years later.
  29. Spend a day gambling – Well this just sounds like a recipe for disaster. But I love the casino…and I’ll stick to penny slots, I promise.
  30. Do the sunrise-to-sunset drive – Watch the sunrise on the east coast of Florida and drive 4 hours to the west coast to watch it set. I love road trips and chasing the sun sounds like a ton of fun.
  31. Explore a small town – My trips usually include experiencing what a big city has to offer. It’ll be great to do the same in a small town that I wouldn’t normally think to visit.
  32. Volunteer for an event – Again, I might not have money but I’m sure I can find time for a worthy cause.
  33. Camp out on a beach – And get out of my tent early enough to watch the sunrise. Who wouldn’t want to experience this at least once in their life?
  34. Learn how to speak Spanish – Growing up in South Florida, I can’t believe I don’t already. It’s kind of a prerequisite to living here. Time to get on with it.
  35. Get a tattoo – Nothing says new chapter like a new tattoo (this may just be how I justify getting a new tattoo for myself).
  36. Have a candlelit dinner – By myself, with someone else, with my dog, who cares. There’s just something magical about setting the table and lighting some candles.
  37. Visit Key West – I’ve been a few times. But, for whatever stupid reason, my mind was preoccupied with relationship troubles. This time, I’m going and immersing myself in the keys lifestyle.
  38. Join a book club – Because reading a book is so much more fun when you have other people to bounce things off of.
  39. Attend a poetry reading – The spoken word can do some pretty incredible things. Why not celebrate it?
  40. Go to brunch – Because brunch seems like a classy, adult thing to do.
  41. See an orchestra performance – The idea of beautiful sounds all coming together to create beautiful music excites me. I’m a geek for all things art. Whatever.
  42. Learn sign language – Because I’m amazed by (more geek-talk) the different methods of communication that we have with one another.
  43. See a football game – I’m a late bloomer to football but I’m no less of a Cowboys fan because of it. There’s nothing like being a part of the action.
  44. Spend the day at a senior citizen home – I would love to just sit and talk with a few people about their lives and keep them company for a little while. How can I make this happen?
  45. Organize a treasure hunt – Maybe this will stir up my creativity a bit. It’s been a while since I’ve done anything creative…and it’s sure to make someone smile at some point.
  46. Write a book – All my life, I’ve wanted to write. This is my chance to follow one of my dreams through to reality.
  47. Organize my music – My favorite thing about any art is the feeling it evokes in you. I’m dying to make some playlists based off of feelings they evoke.
  48. Take a new route to work one day – Life has gotten so routine. So I figure, I could literally change my route to work and maybe open up some room for serendipity at some point.
  49. Start a website – This is a new experience for me because there’s a project I’ve always wanted to work on and listing it here will inspire me to see it through.
  50. Take a spiritual journey – Not necessarily the peyote kind. But I’d love to go to a meditation retreat.
  51. Go to Calle Ocho – When I moved away from FL, I realized that not every state has a city-wide block party/festival for Latin music. I can’t believe I’ve been back for this many years and still haven’t gone.
  52. Make a card for someone anonymously – It would make my day if I found an inspirational note. Maybe this will make someone else’s?
  53. Complete a photo shoot assignment – I’m not really a photographer but I love what the act of doing this gets you. You get to slow down and see beauty in things all around you that existed before you started paying attention.
  54. Write a letter to the editor – What better way to find yourself than to develop your opinion on a matter? We’re all just walking collections of opinions, trying not to bump into one another.
  55. Visit NYC – Can’t wait! NYC in the winter is my favorite time/place on earth. Hopefully it’ll snow when I go!
  56. Subscribe to a magazine – I have a few subscriptions already. But I want this one to be something way out of my normal interests. Gotta have diversity in life.
  57. Get a passport – Finally. I can find a hundred reasons to put it off but the sooner this gets done, the sooner I can make some more dreams of mine come true.
  58. Go on a weekend writing retreat – I see this as just me and my laptop, hopefully in a cabin or a cottage somewhere, writing the crap out of something inspiring. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?
  59. See an opera – This is the point where I’ll know I’ve made it as an adult. I will be one classy bitch going to the opera.
  60. See a movie at the drive-in – There’s something special about watching a movie at a drive-in theater. I’m due for a trip.
  61. Take an art class – One night or over several months, I don’t care. As long as I’m creating something.
  62. Attend a martial arts class – This is something I wouldn’t normally do. Which is all the more reason it made it onto this list.
  63. Donate blood – When time and money are running short, I have enough blood to go around. If you can, I don’t understand why you wouldn’t.
  64. Go parasailing – I’m scared of heights (did I mention that already?) but it’s gotta be one hell of an experience. I don’t want to close myself off to the opportunity to experience it due to fear.
  65. Attend a holiday performance at my old high school – It was an arts school, so every performance is incredible. The holiday performances were always my favorite.
  66. See a broadway show in NYC – Nothing will ever top winning the lottery and seeing Rent, front row center. But I’m sure there’s an amazing time in store for me with this one.
  67. Attend a pole dancing class – I’m kind of a very sexual person. So the concept of channeling that energy (into something I’m hoping will be useful later) sounds like an awesome time.
  68. Buy a new car – New me = new car. We’ll see how my bank account feels about this.
  69. Do a charity walk – I’m too lazy for a 5k run. A walk is more my speed.
  70. Reconnect with an old friend – I’m on the fence about this one. Especially since most of the people not in my life are not in it for a reason. But maybe things will change by the time I tackle this one.
  71. Get a massage – I should treat myself every now and then. Nothing says treat yourself like a relaxing massage.
  72. Paint a picture – I am not a painter. I draw stick figures. But there’s something about putting something on canvas that does wonders for releasing energy.
  73. Have a spa day – I’m envisioning me in a robe, at a day spa, with crap on my face and my feet soaking in a tub. Depending on what I can afford, this may just be me on my couch, doing DIY versions of the same.
  74. Get a completely different haircut – New you = new hair. It’s exciting to change up your look every now and then.
  75. See the ballet – The ballet should help me graduate from classy bitch to sophisticated and classy bitch.
  76. Write a thank you letter to someone famous – Because using fame to do good things should always be recognized.
  77. Take myself to a movie – I’ve spent so much time going on dates with other people. Why not go on a date with myself?
  78. Go kayaking – I get freaked out when I can’t see what’s in the water, which is why I’ve never been kayaking. I need to get over it and just go.
  79. Learn to play pool – I’ve always been in really nerve-wracking situations (on a date) when I’ve tried to learn. Time to do it on my terms.
  80. Take dance lessons – I’m not very good with coordination in general. This should be interesting.
  81. Go to a concert – I’ve never really set out and made the decision myself to attend a concert. I was always just invited with someone else. I’m going to make the decision this time and see what it gets me.
  82. Pay someone’s toll – I’ve only read about this happening with other people. But it’s so easy that I’d love to try this out and see what happens.
  83. Go bar-hopping – I’ve never been that kind of person who goes out bar-hopping all night. But it would be fun to try it at least once.
  84. Invent a game – More creativity required here. I love workflows and logic. Creating a game will help me marry that with my creative side.
  85. Write an article and sell it – Writing has always been my passion. The intersection of passion and income would be an incredible place to be.
  86. Go to a cigar bar – I want to wear a fedora and everything.
  87. Attend a TED Talk in person – I could use some inspiration from one of today’s thought leaders.
  88. Leave flowers on a neighbor’s doorstep – I’m a big fan of random acts of kindness. Little things like these can really make someone’s day. I’d like to experience being a part of that.
  89. Go on a media fast for a week – Omg. How will I function?? This one will be tough but everyone needs to unplug every now and then.
  90. Decorate for an upcoming holiday – Making my environment prettier tends to put me in a good mood. I’ll make a conscious effort to fall in love with my apartment all over again.
  91. Play BINGO somewhere – Confession: This sounds like a LOT of fun to me.
  92. Adopt a soldier – I don’t need to have connections to the military to support our troops.
  93. Do a labyrinth meditation – From what I understand, this is a walking meditation around a labyrinth-type path. They have one at a meditation center near me. It’s time to try it out.
  94. Write a letter to my 18-year old self – Oh man. I’m crying already. This will feel great.
  95. Have a marathon movie day/night with my favorite movies – One of the greatest parts of being single is getting to watch whatever you want. I’m taking advantage with this one.
  96. Go on a hike/nature path – I don’t know if they’re called “hikes” in FL but…a long walk, surrounded by nature is what I’m going for.
  97. Throw a dart at a map of FL and travel to wherever it lands – Ooh…how exciting does this sound??
  98. Do hot yoga – Alright, everybody’s talking about it. Time to see what Bikram is all about.
  99. Go a dueling pianos bar – I’m 47 on the inside. Don’t judge me.
  100. Spend a day at the beach, reading – Next step is to figure out a way to get paid to do this.
  101. Go to a shooting range – For some serious anger management. In a healthy, controlled environment of course

7 thoughts on “100 New Experiences

    • Thanks! I’m in South Florida and I’m fortunate to have at least two drive-in theaters within a 15-minute drive. I’ve had some great memories of some spontaneous, fun-filled nights when I was younger. Maybe I should take advantage more often just in case they start going out of business down here.

      And I do see that we’re looking for a lot of the same experiences out of life. Very cool. I’m looking forward to your post about riding an ostrich!


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